Monday, April 30, 2012

The Art Of Urban Sketching Book Talk

It was a packed house.  Standing Room Only!  And such a tribute to the "draw" of the Seattle Sketcher and how encouraging to see that people are still interested in seeing hand drawing!  Gabi really is a "Pied Piper"  of sketching and such a generous person encouraging and supporting everyone to go out and draw no matter what level of experience you are at.   It is a life long process of learning to sketch and a way to get in touch with your city and community.  The book is well worth the purchase price!
Gabi at the Seattle Central Library reading and talking about "The Art of Urban Sketching"

Teen Section of the Seattle Library

I had 15 min before we had to meet up to show our work and have a little lunch before the talk. Using my calligraphic Hero Pen and neo colors, I quickly sketched the area by the Teen section in front of the elevators.  The red floor draws one to this section.  Color is such a significant part of the building.  It is used as a way finder and accents particular areas of the library.
Teen section of the Library. (15 min)

Sketchcrawl and Book Talk @ the Seattle Central Library

Sunday we had our monthly sketch outing.  This time we met at the Seattle Central Library before Gabi's talk about his new book "The Art of Urban Sketching".  We had probably about 30 people show up for the sketchcrawl.  We met at 10:30 prior to the library opening and had intended to sketch out side until 12:00.  Hey,  luckily we had pull. With Gabi being there the Librarian graciously allowed us to sketch indoors prior to the library officially opening.  We had the third floor "living room all to our selves! It was great!
Here is the sketch of the main entry off of 5th avenue.  Check out the work of the other Seattle Sketchers.
Seattle Central Library,  Main entrance ( 45 min)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sketching with the ipad

Sketching with the ipad and your finger is a challenge.  I am trying it out but still feel more comfortable with a pen and paper.  I might get a stylus and see if it is better. Here is a sketch I did this morning.
Just learning.
Ipad sketch Essential Bakery Wallingford Seattle, WA

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Art of Urban Sketching Talk and Booksigning

Sunday April 29th @ Seattle Central Library: 

Sketch and also hear Gabi Campanario talk about his new book "The Art of Urban Sketching"
We will meet up at 10:30 am for the sketchcrawl at the Seattle Library.  Meet at the 4th Avenue entrance near the fountain.  Outdoor sketching until the doors open at 12:00 p.m. then indoors for another half an an hour before Gabi's Lecture starts at 1:00.  Sketch while he talks too! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seattle Center Monorail

Sketch done of the monorail as it just enters the EMP from the station.  I was standing at the upper level entry to the EMP. You see the base of the space needle in the sketch.
Monorail, EMP and Space Needle


I have been wanting to go to the Seattle Center and sketch the EMP.  Great place for using watercolors.
I had a chance to do two sketches today.  This one is on the interiors on the upper level  looking towards the bar.
EMP Interiors looking towards the upper bar.

Pho Cyclo

We had dinner at Pho Cyclo Cafe on Capitol Hill.  The story about the name of the restaurant is that in Viet Nam people would ask the Cyclo (rickshaw drivers) where the best places to eat were, thus Pho Cyclo Cafe.   It is decorated with street scenes and set up as if you are having lunch or dinner out side in the courtyard.  Quaint and pretty good Pho.

Bellevue High School Plaza

Sketch from the upper plaza looking down at the track.  Great south facing plaza with big granite boulders to sit on and have lunch.
Bellevue High Plaza

WW Sketchcrawls 35 Bellevue High Invitational

I spent the WW Sketchcrawl 35 at my son's track meet located at Bellevue High school in Bellevue,WA.
Pretty impressive facility and the school looks to be in remodeling stage.  Here are some sketches from that day.  My son did his personal best breaking his past record by 8 seconds.
Bellevue Invitational