Sunday, July 10, 2016

Reducing Your Sketching Gear

Getting ready for the  Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester,  my goal is to try to travel light and reduce the amount of sketching gear I take.  Everything I need for sketching now fits in my purse.

I purchased the Pocket Art Toolkit by Expeditionary .
The business card holder sized palettes fit in the kit. I have 28 colors in the wells and 3 pocket palettes.  It takes some getting use to working with  the smaller sized palette but I think I can get use to it.  All my travel brushes fit in a side pocket under the pens.  I added velcro strips to secure the side pocket and keep the brushes from coming out.

Today was the test day.  The pocket palettes surprisingly carry quite a bit of paint.  I will have to add more to it as the paint sinks into the palette leaving room in each well for more paint as it dries.

I am always nervous trying out something new like this.  It sometimes throws me off using a new palette.  With my old larger palette I know exactly where each color is.

Georgetown Garden Walk Garden No. 40 2016