Friday, March 27, 2015

Working With A New Scanner

The reason why I haven't been posting is because my old computer that was hooked up to my great old HP Scanner just went out on me probably for good.  I mean these were old but the scanner worked really well and I hardly had to adjust it to get images that were right on.  Unfortunately there is a point when old is old and you can't get the drivers for old scanners to work with new computers. It is frustrating!

I finally figured out how to make my new printer/scanner connect with my newish iMac.  So now I am in business again.  The one drawback is this new Brother multifunction printer/scanner/copier is not as good at getting the coloration and saturation right on the scans.  So there is a lot of fussing with photoshop to try to get it right.

Here are a couple of watercolor practices that I scanned.  I already see an issue on the first one.  The background is not white when it should be.  Back to the drawing board..or photoshop to adjust.

adjusted scan to hold the whites

scan too dark and whites turned gray