Monday, September 20, 2010

Rainy Day at the Ballard Farmers' Market

Wasn't too sure how this day would work out, (since it was raining cats and dogs) but we had one of our largest groups.  Probably around 18 people showed up for sketching at the Farmer's Market.  We even had a visitor from Washington D.C.  join us and some new people joined us after seeing us at the market sketching.  Hard to miss 18 people sketching and painting in a down pour!

It was Urban Splashing Northwest style.  You didn't need to pre-splash your water color paper, the rain did it for you!  Despite the challenge we had a great day and the sun finally showed up at the end of our session.  I was actually able to get a quick sketch of a veggie stand before we regrouped.

The Veraci Pizza stand was an interesting experience. This is the authentic way to bake pizza in a wood burning stove.  It is the real Neopolitan Style Pizza...thin crust.  While I was sketching it started to rain on me and the watercolors ran.    I ducked under the canopy and had to pat down my sketch with napkin.  Came back later to add more color to the sketch.


  1. I really love your work! I'm also in the architecture field but have been doing a lot of sketching and started a sketch blog. I hope to join the Seattle Urban Sketchers and maybe we can meet up!

  2. Thanks lapaisagista. Keep looking at the Seattle blogspot for the next sketch meeting. I think we have it slated for October the 16th in the International District.