Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eventful Week

Haven't posted in a while but the last two weeks have been eventful... filled with concerts, art exhibits and December Sketchcrawl.
Pacific Place Atrium
This sketch is of Pacific Place where we met for the December Urban Sketchers' Sketchcrawl.  Good thing we set it up inside because it was pouring outside. 

We also went to the Picasso exhibit which was simply astounding.  That exhibit really takes more than an evening to enjoy.  I was exhausted after going through it.  I would suggest breaking it up to two sessons. The sketch below is of Harborsteps while waiting for our time to get in to see the Picasso exhibit.
Post Alley and Harborsteps

Two concerts that we went to in the last couple of weeks were the Garfield High School Musical Revue and City Cantabile Choir Magnificat. The Musical Revue was great entertainment, music dance, comedy....the Garfield Vocal Jazz and Concert Choir did an outstanding job putting this all together under the direction of Choir Director Carol Burton. The second concert  was the City Cantabile Choir singing two Magnificats. The Bach Magnificat was under the direction of Fred West and in collaboration with music director Kent Stevenson and the Elemental Ensemble, a Gospel Magnificat by Kent Stevenson was sung in the second half of the concert. Classical Bach and Contemporary Gospel. Absolutely breathtaking, inspiring, handclapping, foot tapping music all in one concert! 

City Cantabile Choir Bach Magnificat.
Garfield High School Musical Revue 2010

The "Q" Lobby

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