Friday, January 14, 2011

An Evening at The Seattle Opera: The Barber of Seville

Last night we attended the Dress Rehearsal for Seattle Opera's Barber of Seville.  Now I am not normally a fan of Opera....I tend to fall asleep at the opera, however last night's performance was a wonderful, funny, entertaining and an engaging event.  Rossini's Music was familiar,  beautifully sung, and hilariously acted.  It helped that subtitles were used so we knew what was being sung.  The house was filled with highschool and middle school kids as well as adults and everyone enjoyed it.  It is well worth going to this if you have the chance.  Here is a sketch I tried to do in the during the Opera.  It was so dark I could hardly see the paper or the lines I was making on the paper.  I painted it during intermission trying to remember the colors of the scene.

Barber of Seville, Seattle Opera

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