Friday, February 4, 2011


When I see something that is native to Hawaii it reminds me of the wonderful time I had when living there for 3 years.  So last year when I saw a Plumeria plant at a friend's home here in Seattle I got excited about the possibility of growing one myself.  The plumeria flower is very fragrant and is used to make leis that are given to people.  An ex-student of mine was going home to Hawaii and I asked her to pick up a plumeria stick if she had the time.  She brought one back for me and I have had it in a pot since late August.  Just a stick in the dirt.  I try to remember to water it every now and then.  Just last week I noticed a leaf starting to grow.  So I am going to keep a pictoral journal of its growth.


  1. Love this idea, Gail -- especially on a cold gray February day! Hope to see you eventually with a blossom behind your ear!

  2. Thanks Susan,
    Hopefully I won't kill it.