Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally a Summer Day in Seattle!

We haven't seen many hot summer days this year yet.  Sunday was incredible!  It was actually hot but not unbearable.  Here is a view from under I-5 looking across the ship canal and at University Bridge.


  1. Gail,
    Very impressive! I especially like the point of view in your under I-5. Glad you took advantage of the warm day.
    Frank B

  2. Hey Frank,
    I was actually looking for a shady place and there it was! I like seeing the contrast, it describes how sunny it was.

  3. Gail
    I agree with Frank. I love the foreground elements and how they create a wonderful framing element for the view beyond. Nice!

  4. Thanks Cindy,
    I did what one typically wouldn't do. Put something down the middle of the page...but then each side is complete.