Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Weekend @ WWU

Last weekend we went up to Western Washington University in Bellingham for the Family Weekend to see our son Ian.  It was a typical Northwest Fall....rainy and then blue skies!  During the stretches of dry I was able to do a sketch on campus, at the Saturday market, and then along the waterfront on the South Bay trail. I am testing out a new palette and new sketchbook.  Doing this really changes my watercolors and how the paint takes to the paper.  I am also testing out some of the exercises in Jeanne Dobie's watercolor  book "Making Color Sing".  I am using her palette of suggested colors.  Luckily I had most of them and only added two colors to my already existing tubes of colors.
Bellingham's Saturday Farmer's Market
View of the Alaska Ferry Terminal From the South Bay Trail

Jeanne Dobie's Palette


  1. Great sketches, Gail. Love the colors in the farmers' market sketch particularly. Looking forward to seeing you in action on Sunday.

  2. Gail..
    Beautiful work.. love each of the sketches specially the harbour scene.

    David Fletcher
    Vancouver, Canada

  3. Love these sketches. The square and ferry terminal in particular. And I always enjoy seeing an artist's palette of color.

  4. Thanks for the comments Sue, Cyberdave and Kris.
    I think I found that Jeanne Dobie book on your blog Kris. Thanks for all the information you post on your site.

  5. Hi Gail...Am enjoying browsing your site. Lovely work. Was wondering what is the new sketchbook you are using? I really like the pattern in the paper. Thanks!

  6. Jill,
    I am using a watercolor sketchbook by "Pen and Ink".
    It is thinner that Moleskine paper and takes the watercolor differently.