Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter sketches from Seattle

Sketches from the last two days.   I am taking some time to sketch the snow.  Interesting experience in painting in the negative spaces.  The second sketch I used a mask to keep the areas white above the shrubs.  It is really hard to not want to paint.

View from the back yard

View from our window seat


  1. Gail..

    These look really great. I particularly like the second one where the cushions and stuff indoors contrasts with the cooler look outside.

    We have snow here too in downtown Vancouver, BC but not much.. just enough to brighten things up. I am itching to do some snow scenes too, but have been busy doing portraits.


  2. These are wonderful. I agree, those pillows and framed exterior set the second off. Nice contrast. Design too. Love your work.