Saturday, February 18, 2012

May's Restaurant and Lounge

May's Restaurant.  Thai Cuisine.
I just decided to dedicate one of my sketchbooks to different restaurants and cafe's we go to. Last night we tried a Thai restaurant in Wallingford.  I have always wanted to try this place because the architecture from the outside looked so interesting.  It is on 45th near Wallingford Center.  The exterior railings are lazer cut panels of corten rusted steel  with a stainless steel top railing. The restaurant is on the second floor and the  Lounge on the first floor. The exterior of the building gives you just a hint of what you experience when you walk into the restaurant are taken to a different country.  Wonderful atmosphere and authentic food.  It was rated as having the best Phad Tai in Seattle.  Prices are fairly reasonable!

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