Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shaking off the rust and getting back to sketching!

It seems like forever since I have sketched.  This is partly due to getting ready for the Art Sale but I have also been taking a watercolor class this fall given by Tom Hoffman.  It has really taken me out of my comfort zone doing pure water color no lines and using large brushes.  I will post later some of the work that I did. This is my excuse for feeling a bit awkward with the inkline sketching and watercolor.  I need to try to practice as much as possible.  Just like practicing piano.

Seattle Urban Sketchers went to the UW Botany Greenhouse to sketch today.  I spent time with the Orchids.  I would like to go back when they are all in bloom.

Later in the afternoon I attended my son's end of the year Cross Country Banquet at the Pacific Science Center.  Here is a sketch of some dinosaur statues in the pools around the science center.


  1. Lucky you Gail. A watercolour course with Tom Hoffman. I love his book and really admire how loose his work is. That must be so much fun or else really difficult. Wish I could take it with you!

    1. Shari,
      He is a really good teacher. I have enjoyed doing this class and hope to do another fall session in the future. It is so different from the sketching water color approach, we us the big flat brushes and work shapes, values, edges and I see that similarity in your work. Yes it is very challenging. It will take me a while to get good at it. He does do workshops at different locations, I think he is doing Hawaii Big Island this year. I hear you may be here for a workshop this year. I look forward to it if you do.

    2. Yes Gail. There are a few groups asking if I will come out there so it will probably be in July. We can get together! I'll let you know the dates.