Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Travel Sketches from California

Last week I went to California to visit family and friends.  What is nice about the Urban Sketchers group is that you make friends with people from other places.  And this is so with the correspondent Shuhita from San Jose California.  Suhita had come up to Seattle a couple of years ago and she contacted me to see if we could get together to sketch.  The next time I saw her was at the Symposium in Barcelona and we had opportunity to sketch together at Casa Mila.  Before I left for California I contacted her to see if she had time to sketch since San Jose is near Fremont where I was staying.  Luckily timing worked out and we set up a sketchouting at the Niles Historic Train Depot in Niles, California.  I have sketched Nilesniles-historic-train-depot-niles-ca.  htmlniles-historic-train-depot.html before but one never tires of it. You can see Suhita's post from that day "a-mini-sketchcrawl".
Our Sketches

Our sketch tools

What we saw:  Niles Train Depot

Niles Boulevard
Suhita and her niece Mohini sketching


  1. Wonderful sketches Gail! And it's really great that you were able to connect with Suhita!

  2. Thanks Peggy,
    I always like to get in touch with local urban sketchers if possible. We have sketched together about 3 or 4 times now. Seattle, Barcelona a couple of times and California. It is fun getting to know other sketchers.