Friday, May 8, 2015

Rolling Hills of Niles California

I am in California for the week after our Line to Color Workshop. Right now I am in Fremont, California which is a stones throw away from Niles. I have sketched there before. This morning I took a couple of hours to paint the rolling hills and the train station in Niles. I will post more sketches later. But this is hot off my board.


  1. Nice and colorful! Looks like you're making excellent progress toward a more abstract presentation. Are you using a larger flat in the painting? Great goings! Enjoy the Bay Area but I have to let you know that it's in the high 60s low 70s and nothing but blue skies. Frank B

    1. Thanks Frank! Yes I was working on a quarter sheet of watercolor paper and used a 1 1/2" angled brush for my first strokes. Then went down to 1/2" in some areas. Mostly kept using the big flat brush.