Saturday, August 27, 2011

Testing out new Watercolors from Daniel Smith

I bought some new watercolors from Daniel Smith yesterday since they had a 20% off on everything.
So I decided to test out my new colors on an old line sketch I did last Fall at Pike Place Market. This sketch was a quicky probably 15-20 minutes and I never had time to go back and finish it with watercolor. 
In front of Lowell's Cafe


  1. Gail...I was forwarded to your site from that of John Wright (Ottawa, Canada). When I saw your current sketch, I immediately thought that this was the work of Kumi Matsukawa (Japan) but of course it isn't. The two of you have very similar sketching styles and similar tastes in subject matter.

    Anyway I think your sketches are incredible. I love this style you have and I like the way you use colour.

    Cheers and best wishes
    Vancouver, Canada

  2. Thanks for the compliment Cyber Dave. Kumi is a true watercolorist. I pretty new to it and really come from a architectural sketching background! But that is encouraging words to me.