Monday, August 22, 2011

Urban Sketching @ Kenmore Air

Sunday Urban sketchers sketched the operations at Kenmore Air.  It is a great location and fun to see all the float planes being loaded into the water and prepping to take off.
Here are my sketches for the day.  Things happened so fast there you had to capture the scene quickly.  As a result I was able to do 5 sketches.
Fueling up.
Loading into the water.
Taking off!
Yellow Float Plane


  1. What a great story - it totally flies as a series! :)

  2. Thanks Susan,
    You can sit in one place turn your head and all these different scenes were happening!

  3. Great series! Wonderful gestural line yet very descriptive. And the people working on the planes add a nice human dimension.

  4. Thanks Kris,
    It really had to be gestural things were moving so fast...had to capture things quickly!

  5. lovethis batch Gail.

    How do you place your copyright seal over the image - I have recently had someone comandeer one of my drawings.

  6. John,
    I place the copyright by using photoshop.
    when I scan my drawings, I usually adjust the levels and colors before putting it in the blog. The scanner doesn't do a true job of matching the colors so I play with the levels and saturation sometimes. Photoshop will also let you type in your name with the copyright symbol. Option G on a Mac. That's how I do it...also you can play with the opacity of the typed words. I usually do 60 percent so it isn't so bold.