Saturday, October 6, 2012

Joe's Gardens in Bellingham, WA

I drove up to Bellingham today to drop off a some things to my son  who is studying at Western Washington University.  He lives right next to Joe's Gardens, a local farm and produce stand that has been around since 1933 (at least according to their grocery bags). 

I walked around a bit first before finding this great view that included these old farm buildings, the produce and the fields beyond.   I loved the long shadows  and the bright colors of the pumpkins against the stone wall of the building...and the contrast between the shaded areas and the areas in direct sunlight.  It captured the whole essence of the place.

The drawing and the first washes of light colors  and midtones were done on site.  I took and photo of the view before leaving and reinforced my dark tones from photos.  

 Here is the sketch looking towards the fields and the produce stand with piles upon piles of pumpkins.

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  1. Gail, how lovely! I admire you for doing this after all the time you invested in our discussions, I had little energy. I like the color choices and how the viewer is led into the scene. Thanks for your commitment. Frank B