Monday, December 23, 2013

Coolest Coffee shops In Seattle

There are a lot of Coffee shops in Seattle.  Some are the standard Starbucks or Tullys, but have you ever googled "coolest coffee shops in Seattle?"  There are quite a few that  really have a special ambiance. I consider Zeitgeist one  of them.  I love the art Deco feeling of the space the honey colored maple cabinets, with the deco ironwork, the exposed brick walls and heavy timber structure.  It is a great place to have coffee a pastry and a sketch. 
This last Saturday I met my friend Connie and we did just that.  Here is the sketch from the coffee shop.  I was able to finish the line work during the two hours I was there but had to add the color from a photograph later.


  1. This is beautiful. You did a tremendous job here. I really love the style.

    1. Thanks for the comments Lorenzo. A great place to go.