Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Sketch

I had a couple of hours to take a walk this morning and find a place to sketch while Mother's day brunch was being made at my house.  I found a spot not too far from my house.  It was in the Holly portion of the arboretum.  The lighting was great and it was an interesting view with the hill sloping to one side.  I sketched and painted but you always need to know when to stop!  I read somewhere that this one painter would stop at 70% complete and wait to do the final if it need it.  That is a great idea because there is a tendancy to over work.
This one was fine at one point and then I thought I needed more darks but you have to be very careful and us  the right brush.  I used a brush which was too large and covered too much area with darks.

Here is the view I sketched. After finishing, I thought the trees were too dark and drew too much attention to the shadowed areas.

This is the sketch having lightened up the shadowed area.  I think it is better.  But still need to simplify!

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