Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sketching En Route

The nice thing about being an urban sketcher is always having something to do.  If you have to wait for two hours on a flight or at a gate and forgot to bring something to read,  you can always sketch.  I use that opportunity to practice drawing people.  That is definitely my weak area in sketching. Or I try a new medium, in the above sketch I used the waterbrush which I hadn't used in a while.

The following sketches were done on my way back to Seattle from the Oakland Airport to home.
By the way, I was proud to use public transportation on both ends from Seattle to Oakland.  I used the Sound Transit Link Light Rail to get from Seattle to Seatac Airport for only $3.25.  From Oakland Airport  I took the shuttle to the BART Coliseum Station then caught BART to Fremont, CA for $9.65.  I did the opposite on my way home.  This allowed my family to just pick me up at the local BART or Sound Transit Station.  
Yay to public transportation.  Avoid the traffic!

Gate 28 South West Airlines we ended up moving to Gate 32

Waiting for our flight at Gate 32
Flight from Oakland to Seatac

Light Rail from Seatac Airport to Seattle.


  1. Nice sketches Gail. I think your message about being a sketcher is right-on and one more reason to continue sketching. I'm envious of your visit to CA and to sketching at Stanford, which I enjoyed seeing and reading about the values.
    Frank B

    1. Frank,
      Missed this comment until today. Thanks for the comment. It was a great trip and fun to get together with Suhita and Laurie.

  2. What sketchbooks are you using here? Cheers!

    1. Hi Adam,
      I was using a small pocket size Stillman and Birns Epsilon sketchbook. I keep it with me in my purse. It is a 3x5 size sketchbook. Very small.