Monday, January 28, 2013

Second Stage: Midtones

Yesterday I talked about the first stage which was to apply light washes and leave some white highlights. What I kept white were areas that received the most light or were giving off light, like that of the lamp's light source.
In this scan of the sketch, I have applied the midtone values.  The glass within the tracery was actually dark and the metal frame work around each glass pane appeared white.  To capture this, I prepared a wash that had a consistency of coffee rather than tea.  I applied this darker wash with a smaller brush so I could just paint in the areas of the glass and leave areas between each pane the background color  to suggest the framework around the glass.  In reality each pane had a slightly different appearance so some panes received an additional pass to darken the value. I then added the same wash to the bottom of the lamp and to the left side that was in shade. I then dipped my brush in water and to the wash to apply a lighter wash to the shaded side of the columns. Finally I prepared a light  red tone to the upper portion of the arch to imply the wall and ceiling color.

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