Saturday, January 26, 2013

Suzzallo Library January Sketch Outing

Last week we went to Suzzallo Library on the UW campus and sketched for our January sketch outing.  It is a beautiful Collegiate Gothic Library built in 1926 by architects Charles Bebb and Carl F. Gould.  The reading room is 250' long, 52' wide and a breathtaking 65' tall. 

I chose to sketch a detail from the library... the lights with the soaring walls behind it.  I finished sketching it but didn't have time to watercolor it on site.  This was an opportunity to show the stages of the inkline watercolor process.

Here is my first stage.  The inkline sketch.  ( I had already laid the first light washes over it, using photoshop I took out the color...this is close to what I originally started with.)  Second stage tomorrow.
Inkline Stage

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