Thursday, August 15, 2013

Architecture 415 class sketching with Gabi Campanario at Westlake Center

After coming back from Barcelona and seeing the vibrancy of the urban plazas and streets, I was thinking about our own city and where we have a great outdoor plaza full of life.  Westlake Center is just the place.  It was buzzing with life and music.

Tuesday Gabi Campanario was the guest instructor for my UW Architecture Sketching Class.  Gabi demonstrated his approach to quickly capture people in action.    We then sent students out to sketch individual people, groups of people, kids in action and reconvened to talk about their sketches.  Architects are great in drawing buildings and spaces but typically find it challenging to draw the human form.  This was a great opportunity for students to learn  how to infuse the life of the city in their sketches.

Here is a quick sketch I did before meeting with the class and some photos of the class and Gabi.

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