Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sacromonte, Granada, Spain

On our last day in Granada, my husband wanted to go to Sacromonte a neighborhood in the Valparaiso Hills outside of Granada.  It was 103 degrees that day and I was complaining about the heat.  We walked part way up the hill to this neighborhood and luckily found a bus stop to catch the bus the rest of the way.  

This place is known for the buildings considered cave dwelling that are built into the hill side.  It is also reknown for the Flamenco dancing and music and as the neighborhood where the gypsies live.  The place is dry with few trees for shade.  Cactus and bushes and dry grasses dot the hillside.  It looked pretty run down.  There were no people on the streets because we were there during the hottest time of day.  Most people were in siesta.  In the background one could hear the sound of Flamenco guitar playing.

I did find a great spot to sketch and was glad for the shade from a building that protected me while I sketched.  I finished a black and white sketch while I was there and took pictures to finish the painting at home.   

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