Monday, July 14, 2014

Sketching and Painting Every Day

Last night  my husband and I met up with Montreal Sketcher Shari Blaukoph and her husband Spiro for dinner.  This was their final evening in Seattle after Shari's world wind West Coast workshops.  She is very diligent in sketching and painting everyday and I enjoy checking out her blog each day to see what new sketch she has done.

I asked her how she can do it every day.  She says thanks to her husband who supports and encourages her in doing it she just finds time and makes it a priority.  Even if you do a little sketch of something at home  it is great practice to just keep you eyes and hands in it everyday.  Get those hourly reps of painting and sketching.

This morning I decided to take some time to sketch the blue house on the corner of 26th and Boyer.
Here are the two stages of painting.  The light and medium values and then the darks.  I tried to capture the dappled light but I think I should have simplified by strokes.
Will try this again some time.

2nd Stage Darks

First stage lights and mediums.

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