Friday, July 18, 2014

Sketching people in Urban Settings

Yesterday my UW Sketching class went to Westlake Park to sketch people and activities.  That was the perfect spot.  Gabi Campanario was the guest lecturer and demonstrated how he approaches sketching people in the environment.  One hint he gave in sketching moving people is to watch their movements for a while and you will be able to remember the pose to capture it in the drawing.  Also exaggerate the movement.  It makes for a more dynamic drawing.

I sketched the sketch below before I heard those words. I will have to try it again.


  1. Love that sketch, Gail! Wow! I really enjoy how the drawing part becomes so much clearer after you selectively apply color. Sooo effective!

    1. Thanks Peggy,
      I debated back and forth as to how much to paint. Just the kids and the blocks? The whole sketch? I wanted the focus to be this shaded spot in dappled light so that is what I ended up with.