Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sketching Class at St. Ignatius Chapel

It was a hot day for sketching but we found shade and great light and shadows at St. Ignatius.  Today's lesson was to focus on seeing value and using the colors from Velasquez palette,  Ultra Marine Blue, Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna. With Daniel Smith Colors, I used Quinacridone gold (instead of Yellow Ochre), Quinacridone Sienna (instead of Burnt Sienna) and Ultra Marine Blue.  The Quinacridones are more vibrant and transparent alternatives.  Here are pictures of the class work and of my demo sketch.  I also got in a sketch in the interior of the church looking at the Baptismal Font .
Revised with additional Quin Sienna wash over walls and added value at glass.

Demo on Values Observing Light and Shadows Exterior of St. Ignatius Chapel

St.  Ignatius Chapel Baptismal Font
Sketching in the cool of the shade.

Sketching in the cool of the shade.

Looking at the final work at days end.

Final Watercolor sketches.

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